A faster, safer, more efficient path to HRT prescribing

ViraMD is a clinical decision support tool that provides prescription recommendations to clinicians for hormone therapy and other menopausal treatments. Delivered as software as a service (SaaS), we support partners to deliver better care.

How it works

1. Simple patient input

Dynamic questionnaire collects 200 data points related to symptoms and personal and family medical history

3. Treatment options

Specific treatment options based on safety, efficacy, and patient preference generated for clinician review

2. Automated analysis

Our software leverages 3 proprietary algorithms to rule out alternative conditions and triage patients – replacing 45 minutes of clinician time

4. Ongoing care

Adaptable follow-up questionnaires identify side effects and refine prescriptions, reducing clinician appointments from 4 to 1 each year

Software to support any provider

Rapid data transfer from EDC to EHR/EMR 

Works with the systems you already use

Can be delivered under white label 

High levels of customization available

Built for the complexity of menopause prescribing

Empowers clinicians to operate at the top of their license

Built to meet the highest standards in patient care

Strict security and compliance

Case study: National Health Service (UK)

Increase in safety

Robust screening and risk assessment leading to safest first prescription

Effective behavioral care

Self-serve CBT and behavioral care, available immediately with no wait-list

Efficient use of clinical time

Task shifting from MDs to lower level clinicians

Decreased waitlists

Patients waiting to see a specalist shifted to online care

Weight loss companies
Individual providers
Employee Assistance Programs
Health systems

ViraMD enables organizations to provide high quality menopause care and improve their patient outcomes

We enable a great patient experience

Quick to complete

Our online menopause assessment only takes 15 mins to complete

Personalized outputs

No menopause is the same. Our personalized support reflects the specific needs of each individual

90% completion rate

Great user experience means we have a high completion rate, collecting 200 data points

Evidence-based treatment recommendations

ViraMD was developed by menopause specialists according to guidelines published by the Menopause Society, the International Menopause Society and the British Menopause Society, and more than a hundred studies on menopause, women’s health, and later life disease.

ViraMD classifies as a clinical decision support software and is exempt from FDA approval under FDA-2017-D-6569. In the United Kingdom and European Union, ViraMD is classified as a Class 1 Medical Device and regulated by the MHRA.

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