Why include menopause in your health plan?

There are at least 15 million women aged 45-60 in the labor force, almost half say their performance is disrupted by perimenopause and menopause symptoms. Companies that are serious about retention of senior women need to offer high-quality healthcare that includes menopause.

We deliver great care 

We are treatment agnostic

Everyone has a different experience at menopause and we find what works best

We adapt to patient needs

Symptoms change all the time, our Stella app adapts in real time and appointments can be made within 48 hours

We have better outcomes

75% of people who follow Stella guidance see a symptom improvement in 4 weeks


Symptoms fluctuate, we adapt to what people need, without additional charges

We deliver a great member experience

High engagement

Almost 90% of our patients download the app to stay on top of their care


No menopause is the same. Stella support reflects the specific needs of each individual


Our care team is available around-the-clock to answer questions and connect patients to the care they need

Easy to navigate

Menopause symptoms change all the time, finding what you need quickly matters

With great ROI

Increased productivity

Better menopause care increases retention and decreases absenteeism

Decreased medical costs

Untreated menopause symptoms lead to unnecessary medical spend of ~$3,000 annually for several years

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“Stella is the perfect solution, offering science-backed information, and personalised advice. It’s a great step forward that we have launched the app!” Juliette Cavilla, Group Head of Wellbeing, WHS Smith