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There are 3.8 billion women in the world and they are living longer than ever. We have the opportunity to help more people live happier, healthier, and more productive lives in those later years. At Vira Health, we combine data, clinical best practice, and behavior change to solve the health and quality of life problems that affect billions worldwide.

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Our platform brings together the best of technology, self-directed care, and clinical intervention. Our first product is Stella – an online menopause clinic that supports people through menopause with best-in-class clinical and behavioral care, specific to their symptomatic needs. Built on proprietary technology, Stella delivers great outcomes with an excellent patient experience while achieving significant ROI.

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Menopause costs US women $1.8 billion per year. Despite being one of the fastest growing segments of the workforce, very few are getting the support they need. High quality menopause care is a crucial component of attracting and retaining senior female talent. In addition to delivering on DE&I goals, it also decreases overall medical expenditure.

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We combine data, clinical best practice, and behavior change to deliver best-in-class care. Our platform comprises proprietary, algorithm-based clinical decision support tools, telemedicine, and a dynamic mobile app. This means we provide hyper personalized care that adapts to changing symptoms and patient needs.

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Robust research underpins all of our work at Vira Health. We partner with leading companies and academic institutions to expand our understanding of the impact of menopause on health, employment, and other topics.

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We started in 2020 with the mission to support more women to access high-quality care during menopause. Since then, we have been able to reach over 2 million people through information, support, and clinical care.

Now we partner with some of the world’s leading public and private healthcare companies to deliver great care to their patients. As our patients get older, we will continue to help them with all their health needs – including bone, brain, and heart health.

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