There are 3.8 billion women in the world, let’s make their lives happier, healthier, and longer

Menopause is more than hot flashes and a few sleepless nights. Great menopause care is part of setting up women for a healthier later life. We combine clinical expertise, technology and great user experience to deliver that care.

Brain Health
Musculoskeletal Health
Pelvic Floor Dysfunction
Women’s health beyond menopause

Menopause is the entry point into caring for mid-life women across all their needs

In addition to great clinical care, we support women to make the lifestyle and behavior changes that relieve symptoms today and reduce the effects of disease in later life.

Meet Stella, our menopause solution

Advanced technology

We ensure everyone gets the right care. Our proprietary algorithms analyze 90 clinical data points to ensure safe prescribing

Personalized treatment

We adapt care to the individual patient’s needs including behavioral interventions, clinical care, and medications

Human care when it counts

We have coaches, care coordinators and clinicians on staff, ready to support patients when they need it 24/7.

Our patients are getting better


Of patients report improvements in their menopause symptoms


Are sleeping better after only 4 weeks

1 in 4

Improve their pelvic floor health and related symptoms

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“This is brilliant! I have had a long journey with perimenopause and menopause. I honestly thought I was losing my mind. The HRT journey is very different for each woman and with around 52 different symptoms it can be a really tough time for women in the workplace. I thank you!” Maxine Mould, Diversity & Inclusion Lead, Waterstones