Extending healthy life expectancy. Starting with better menopause care.

There are 3.8 billion women in the world, let’s make their lives happier, healthier and longer.

At Vira Health, we combine data, clinical best practice and behaviour change to solve the health and quality of life problems that affect billions of women worldwide.

Our intelligent and personalised digital therapeutics will evolve to become the perfect human and AI driven treatment – ready to help women get relief for the health issues that are unique to them.

There is a gender data gap in healthcare and that means long term consequences

Female-specific health issues are under-researched and under-invested.

Women’s pain, symptoms and concerns are taken less seriously and treated less aggressively.

Diagnostic tests and treatments are based on male physiology.

Artificial intelligence companies are building biases directly into their technology.

Why are we starting with menopause?

Massive need

Nearly 1 billion people worldwide are coping with menopause. Over 80% say that symptoms interfere with their daily life and nearly half say it has made work difficult or even untenable.

Broken current care model

Less than 10% of women in the UK say they are happy with the care they receive and over 90% of women in the US say they want non-invasive solutions.

Long-term health implications

The issues that affect women in later life, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, osteoporosis and dementia can be triggered at menopause. Improving the care and treatment for a woman in her 50s and 60s can fundamentally help to tackle these issues early-on.

Vira is a digital health company focused on improving long-term health for women. We do this by addressing female-specific conditions and improving the collection and use of female data in healthcare.


Our core product is Stella – an app that supports women through menopause.

Stella combines evidence-based treatments, such as cognitive behavioural therapy, pelvic floor exercises, and diet and lifestyle changes into a tailored treatment plan.

Whether it’s a better night’s sleep, overcoming anxious feelings or dealing with bladder issues – Stella will help women make a real difference to quality of life now and in the future.

Stella For You


Over 60% of women say that menopause is negatively affecting them at work. As many as 25% have considered leaving.

Stella helps employers give women the specific support they need at menopause. With Stella, each person gets a tailored plan focused on their individual needs. It’s simple to use, completely private and always available.

If you are a human resources director looking for the most effective and efficient way to support your staff through menopause, contact us.

Stella For Work